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Period Furniture embodies the best of creation of our past culture.  For centuries artisans and Master Craftsmen have set and met the esthetic standards of their respective society's and clients desire for fine furnishings and interior design.  Each era has therefore produced its own masterpieces.

In each era the most skilled artisans and craftsmen have dedicated their time and efforts to mastering the skills necessary to coax beauty from precious wood, marble, ivory, Boulle work, gilding and more.  Stories and lore abound of secret recipes for finishes like Vernis Martin, (hand-made French Varnish, ca. 1760), French Polishes. gold-leaf recipes and many others.

Such creations emerged from a tradition of excellence and practicality which demanded the highest standards in executing both attractive design and durability.  That is why Antique furnishings have passed the, "test of time".  From Royal courts to the common household period furnishings grace homes and offices with excellence in style and structure as well as holding cherished memories.

Because such treasures are in our caretaking to be bequeathed to the next generation, it is mandatory that only the best and most skilled restorers and craftsman be privileged to work on and maintain them.

At Norton's Restorations we understand that we share in this labor of love and historical preservation.  We specialize in restoration of period furniture and antiques made between ca. 1600 - ca. 1900. To that end the materials used, as well as the techniques and tools employed are the same as those in use for over three hundred years.  It is our priority to maintain the integrity of the original makers work and therefore preserve the priceless value of these heirlooms.

That is why we regard working on such valued pieces as both a high privilege and serious responsibility.  From museum quality conservation to either partial or complete restoration, repairs, finishing and refurbishing, we work closely with each client.  We are confident that our resources are more than sufficient to meet your needs.  Our Services

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